Meet the Photographer

May 2010 – I’m just an old lady who likes to take photos, which is why I never leave home without my camera…’cept when I forget it.

Update: From Oct 2011 forward, all photos are taken with my phone…before then I used a digital camera. Also, in 2018 I started using my mini-ipad’s camera.


Update: March 2017 – I’ve shamefully neglected my beloved 7-year old photo blog…for…3…years, gulp!  I’ve been taking pics all along, cuz that’s what I love to do, just not sure why I stopped posting them. I plan to share my photos regularly again, as long as I have internet access. 

PS – Check out my Sunday School Blog 


One comment on “Meet the Photographer”

  1. Hay thanks for liking my “me” from beautiful sea shells i love your photos and i’m not just saying that!


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