My New Washer & Almost Dry-er

By: Bambi Lynn

May 18 2017

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My husband and I live in a 200 sq ft apartment with no washer/dryer hookups.  Laundromats are not my favorite place, cost being one of the reasons, so we do our laundry in the bathtub, then hang the dripping clothes to dry. I’m nearly 60 years old and my husband will be 67 shortly after my birthday, so our knees and backs have been complaining lately. Our hands are the most unhappy though…wringing heavy wet clothes out isn’t for wimps! Using the kitchen sink for a laundry station is kinder to our old(er) bodies, but it’s a very cramped area and our hands gripe there, too.

Came across the idea for a better way (for us) to get the job done while looking through youtube videos.



(stock photo)

Ordered The Laundry Alternative countertop spin dryer the next day and I love it…my hands love it! Only 18″ high, so it stores away easily, even in our tiny home. We still have to hang the clothes, but that’s the simplest part of the process, to us. The spinner works so well that we can put shirts on hangers then straight into the closet, and pants finish drying quickly over the shower curtain rod. This $71 investment is worth every penny!

Our new “washer” only cost $3 (for the plunger) because we already had an oversized wastebasket (that we bleached clean) to use instead of a 5-gallon bucket. Hubby cut a few holes into the plunger to allow water through for less pressure/resistance. We went with the black and white model.


Forgot to mention that the spinner uses very little electricity because a brief minute or two cycle gets the clothes almost dry. Course, each load is small, but we’re minimalists with small wardrobes so it works for us.

Anyhoo…I recommend both of these products and am glad to provide this review, lol.


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