Old Stone Buildings

By: Bambi Lynn

May 07 2017

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Category: Structures, Texas

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Weekend exploration in a little community called Cedar Gap, Texas.  I stopped to ask a local man, who was outside working on his pickup truck, if he knew the history of the buildings and he said they were a school and a church.

The feeble old school seems to be getting  help standing these days from some wire and metal.




After passing the school and heading down a side road leading farther into the countryside, some stones near the edge of the road caught my eye.


I turned into an open area directly  past the (culvert?) stones and saw this building standing alone.


Off to the right of the church are grave markers, it seems. There may be more, but I didn’t have boots on, so didn’t walk through the grass to check.






I will definitely wear boots next time I go exploring…I sure wanted to walk inside that church and then search the grass for more headstones, but we’ve got rattlesnakes here in Texas!


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