Ginger Takes a Ride

By: Bambi Lynn

Apr 26 2017

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Category: Critters, Gingerbread Girl

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Focal Length:3.92mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Me: Hey Ginger, wanna go for a ride in the van? You can play with the plastic coffee container some more when we get back.
Ginger: Yeah, that sounds great!


Ginger: Where we goin’, Mom?
Me: It’s a surprise.


Ginger: I think you took a wrong turn, this doesn’t look like the way to the park.
Me: I told you, it’s a surprise!


Ginger: Are we there yet?!


Me: Yep, this looks like a good spot to get out.


Ginger: Really, Mom…the lake?! You know I hate water!
Me: C’mon out from behind Dad, Sweetie…give it a try, at least.


Ginger: Alright…I’ll look at it, but that’s as far as I’ll go!
Me: Oh Ginger, you’re so silly.


Ginger: Ok, I took a peek, I’m done, let’s just go already…you know I’m serious when I hold my tail straight!
Me: Good grief, Ginger…let’s explore a little bit!


Ginger: Mother!!!  You call this exploring?!  I call it torture, get me off this floating pier surrounded by all this wet stuff!
Me: Be still, lemme get a quick pic!


Ginger: Now this isn’t too bad, as long as that lake stays back…seems to know its’ limits alright. Heck, it even smells like other brave dog explorers have come before me!
Me: (chuckle)…oh, so now you’re an explorer?!


Ginger: Thanks, Mom, I’m ready to go home now. Can we go to the grassy park next time though…that whole lake-thing is overrated, water is for drinking, not for “touching” me!
Me: Gingerbread Girl, you just may be a disgrace to your Labrador ancestors…but I love you anyway.


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